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Toray CFE fabrique en France une nouvelle fibre de très haute qualité

Paris, le 30 octobre 2019. Un transfert de technologie pour la fabrication de la fibre de carbone M55J a été officiellement signé le 30 septembre dernier entre le groupe japonais Toray Industries et sa filiale française Toray Carbon Fibers Europe, basée à Lacq (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

La fibre de carbone M55J est une fibre de type haut module, l’une des plus « rigides » de la gamme Torayca proposée par le groupe Toray avec un module d’élongation de 540 GPa et une compatibilité avec différents types de résines.

La M55J est généralement utilisée dans des applications critiques de rigidité et de coefficient de dilatation thermique, telles que les applications spatiales et aéronautiques, les articles de sport haut de gamme ou le nautisme. Ce produit phare du groupe Toray est désormais fabriqué sur le site de Toray Carbon Fibers Europe, à Abidos près de Lacq.

« Ce nouveau transfert de technologie témoigne de la confiance que place notre groupe dans le savoir-faire de Toray Carbon Fibers Europe et positionne l’entreprise comme la tête de pont du groupe Toray en Europe. Fabriquer sur le sol français une fibre de telle qualité est un énorme atout pour aborder les marchés de très haute technologie », se félicite Jean-Marc Guilhempey, PDG de Toray Carbon Fibers Europe.


Contact Presse :

Fabrice Pardies (Toray CFE) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tel : 0559607104

Gilles Delafon (Lord Jim Consulting) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Toray Industries, the world leader in carbon fiber production, has been active in Europe for more than thirty years, manufacturing and marketing TORAYCA carbon fiber solutions through its French subsidiary, which was the first company of the Group to work in this sector outside Japan.

Toray Industries' long-term vision, its globalisation strategy and its international reach, with four production sites in Japan, France, the USA and Korea, have enabled it to establish itself as a global player in the Composites industry. It offers real partnership opportunities to major industry stakeholders through worldwide organisations.

Its drive for innovation, its ambition and capacity for investment have played a major part in the creation of a wide, differentiated range of products to meet the varying needs of the aeronautics and space markets, but other industrial markets too : energy, automotive, civil engineering, plus the sport and leisure market.

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A new Chairman & CEO for Toray Carbon Fibers Europe

Mr. Jean-Marc Guilhempey was appointed as the new Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Toray Carbon Fibers Europe on September 29, 2017.

He took over from Mr. Bernard Martin after having held the position of Plant Manager at Toray Carbon Fibers Europe.


CFE Signs an Equal Opportunities Charter for Employment in Pau

On 23 September 2019, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe and 35 other local companies located around the city of Pau in South-West France signed an equal opportunities charter with the Mayor of Pau and the French State local representative (Prefect).

This charter is a commitment signed by companies wishing to facilitate the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Pau to the labour market.

For instance, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe is committed to promoting among this public a better understanding of how the company works, how it is organised and what jobs and careers are possible.

CFE has also set up training sessions for its managers to improve awareness of discrimination in hiring and the importance of offering equal opportunities to all, which are major points addressed by this charter.

Finally, another key commitment of this Equal Opportunities Charter is for signatory companies to implement a sustainable procurement policy.

CFE was pleased to sign this Charter to show that it is a company that takes an active part in local society and makes a positive contribution to the lives of people living in the city of Pau. In doing so, CFE also puts into practice the shared vision within the Toray Group to contribute to Society ‘through the creation of new value’.


Toray CFE at the Composites Europe exhibition


The Composites Europe exhibition will take place on 10-12 September, in Messe Stuttgart, Germany.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe with the other Toray's subsidiaries of the composites industry - CIT, Delta, Zoltek and TAC - will be presenting together their solutions on stand C35 - Hall 7. Our teams look forward to meeting you.

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