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CFE Signs an Equal Opportunities Charter for Employment in Pau

On 23 September 2019, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe and 35 other local companies located around the city of Pau in South-West France signed an equal opportunities charter with the Mayor of Pau and the French State local representative (Prefect).

This charter is a commitment signed by companies wishing to facilitate the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Pau to the labour market.

For instance, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe is committed to promoting among this public a better understanding of how the company works, how it is organised and what jobs and careers are possible.

CFE has also set up training sessions for its managers to improve awareness of discrimination in hiring and the importance of offering equal opportunities to all, which are major points addressed by this charter.

Finally, another key commitment of this Equal Opportunities Charter is for signatory companies to implement a sustainable procurement policy.

CFE was pleased to sign this Charter to show that it is a company that takes an active part in local society and makes a positive contribution to the lives of people living in the city of Pau. In doing so, CFE also puts into practice the shared vision within the Toray Group to contribute to Society ‘through the creation of new value’.