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Bringing added value

TORAYCA has been used in various ways ranging from sports and leisure applications to general industrial uses and aerospace field, thanks to its excellent characteristics of light weight, strength and stiffness.

Aeronautics and space

Aeronautics and space

Present in primary and secondary parts of aircrafts, TORAYCA are used in today's largest civil aviation programs.

TORAYCA are also ideal to use for satellites and space programs thanks to their dimensional stability when faced with changes in temperature.

Sport and leisure

Sports and leisure

In their constant quest for higher performance, the sports and leisure industries have integrated the numerous advantages of using TORAYCA fibers into the design of their equipments.



In Industry, TORAYCA makes an important contribution to composite solutions which aim to decrease energy-consumption by reducing weight. They also help to minimize environmental damage through the use of clean-energy sources or appropriate means of energy storage.