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Bringing added value

TORAYCA has been used in various ways ranging from sports and leisure applications to general industrial uses and aerospace field, thanks to its excellent characteristics of light weight, strength and stiffness.

Solutions pour le génie civil

Civil engineering

Preserving and renovating buildings, bridges and other structures currently accounts for over 30% of civil engineering activities.

The lightness, resistance and easy implementation of Toray Carbon Fibers Europe composites materials are key parameters for efficiently reinforcing, repairing and building structures in civil engineering.

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Carbon composites are commonly used in the energy sector to meet the current socio-economic challenges of the industry.

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Carbon fiber-based composites are X-ray transparent, resistant and lightweight. Their properties are recognised in high-performance solutions for the medical sector: radiology tables, cassettes or medical devices. In line with the ethical standards of Toray Group, our solutions focus exclusively on external applications.

Solutions pour l'offshore


Operating offshore fields at depths greater than 2,000 metres drives operators to look for lightweight, resistant solutions.

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With the increase in rail traffic and stricter European regulations and environmental standards, major players in the rail industry have had to come up with innovative solutions to design next-generation trains.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe composites are particularly suitable in the production of structural parts.

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The automotive industry is a consumer of carbon-based material solutions. Torayca® fibers are a high-performance solution in the manufacturing of innovative products that offer undisputed characteristics.