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In the early 2000s, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe started to develop the production of pultruded profiles made from Torayca® fibers.

The pultrusion lines located in our composite centre are designed to continuously manufacture composite structural elements that meet high technical constraints such as resistance, lightness, electrical conductivity, whatever the fibrous orientation or shape.

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The lightweight and resistant properties of Torayca® carbon fibers open up different fields of applications for our rods:

  • Structural repair and reinforcement of civil engineering works
  • Supportive core material for high-voltage power cables (overhead lines)
  • Anchoring and mooring devices for offshore platforms, guyed structures, etc.

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Plats pultrudés


Carbon plates are used for reinforcing concrete, wooden and fiberglass composite structures. Lightweight, resistant and easy to implement, they are an ideal solution in complex environments.

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Profilés spéciaux

Special profiles

TORAY CFE also manufactures special profiles. Based on an initial drawing, we design and produce all types of profiles: angled, T-shaped, L-shaped, C-shaped, H-shaped, hollow, etc. These profiles feature different orientations of reinforcements.

Thanks to our prototyping capabilities, we are able to produce very small series (<10m) while our production lines will be best suited to manufacture large series in optimal conditions. We provide our expertise in carbon fiber composites as well as our means and resources (prototyping, production/investment capacity, tests, expertise, innovation) to ensure our customers are satisfied.