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The company

Toray CFE has an extensive experience in manufacturing and marketing of Torayca ® carbon fibers. Over the various years, Toray CFE has sought to broaden its product range to offer, with the distribution of carbon fibers manufactured by Toray in Japan and the USA, the most complete range of the European market.

Our technology, after a long proven expertise and a guarantee of very high quality, allowed us to position ourselves as one of the major partners of different manufacturers and industry players in the aviation field. An important part of our business is dedicated to the field of sports and recreational activities. The industrial sector is now the largest consumer of carbon fiber and the development of new applications only increases its dominance.

L'usine Toray d'Abidos

The composite has also taken a significant place in these sectors. Toray CFE, in close cooperation with the TORAY Group, intends to participate fully in its development and wishes to contribute to society by creating new values, thanks to technology, ideas and innovative products.

Toray CFE data sheet

  • Inception Date: December 1982
  • Capital:184.8 million Euros
  • Shareholding:100% subsidiary of Toray Industries,Inc.
  • Chairman & CEO: Jean-Marc Guilhempey
  • Activity: Production of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN), production and sale of carbon fiber, composites and prepregs
  • Rated capacity of carbon fibers: 5200 tons per year, distributed in 3 families: High Tenacity, High Modulus,  Intermediate Modulus.


Brief History

  • 2014 Start-up of the new PAN facility in September
  • 2013 Creation of a new European Technical Centre in Lacq
  • 2012 Toray Industries decided to invest in a new precursor (PAN) facility in Lacq, South-West France
  • 2012 Name change: Soficar becomes Toray Carbon Fibers Europe
  • 2011 Capital restructuring: Toray acquired 100% stake in Soficar
  • 2008 5th production unit of 2000 tons / year. Capacity increased to 5200 t / year
  • 2007 4th production unit. Capacity increased to 3400 t / year
  • 2004 3rd production unit. Capacity increased to 2600 t / year
  • 2002 R & D Composite Centre operational
  • 1992 2nd production unit IM / HM. Capacity increased to 700 t / year
  • 1988 Capital restructuring: Toray (70%) & Atochem (30%)
  • 1987 1st aerospace approvals
  • 1985 1st production unit T300 3K/6K - capacity: 300 t / year
  • 1982 Creation of Joint Venture between Toray (35%) & Elf (65%)