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From production to customer service

The globalization of business allows us to constantly be in touch with the market and ideally meet the specific needs of the users. It is enriched by a wide range of products, the broader on the market.

With four production bases in Japan, the United States, Korea and France, the Toray group covers most of the world's geographical needs.

Fibres de carbone en production

In Europe, Toray CFE participates in the consolidation of the globalization strategy initiated by the group. This diversity of locations allows us to optimize the responses to the needs of the users and to enhance the strengths of Toray CFE.

Globalization is also expressed in the field of technical assistance to the user.

Moreover, the identity of the manufacturing processes and products is an additional guarantee for all the users of Torayca® fibers who have multiple sources of supply and can perpetuate their applications.

Unique "savoir-faire" and technical expertise

Our fibers are a solution to the latest technology with top quality proven. This particular quality has been extensively tested and certified in the fields of aerospace and industry sectors in which Toray CFE has extensive experience in the constraints and needs.

Toray mastered its production by a vertical development, from raw materials to composite materials and intermediate products to ensure quality throughout the supply chain.

Manufacturing sites of the Toray group