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Our products are recognised for their exceptional properties and offer a state-of-the-art solution for each of your projects.

Torayca® Carbon Fibers

Torayca® Carbon Fibers: Quality, reliability and performance

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Carbon Composite Materials

Carbon Rods and Plates: Our pultruded profiles made from Torayca® Carbon Fibers

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Support & Technical Expertise

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe can help you select the products best-suited to your needs and processing methods.

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A Solution for Every Market

Torayca® carbon fibers are used in a wide range of applications, from Sports & Leisure to Industry and Aerospace, thanks to their exceptional properties in terms of strength, rigidity and lightness.

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Carbon fibers in the Automotive industry: Increased lightness and superior mechanical performance for safer, greener and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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As a recognised expert in the Aerospace sector, Toray offers complete solutions, from carbon fiber to prepregs and other composite materials.

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Pressure Vessels

To achieve unrivalled performance, carbon fibers are used in the manufacturing of high-pressure gas and hydrogen storage tanks.

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The performance of Torayca® carbon fibers and composite materials is contributing to the development of new energy production technologies.

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