Discover our Advanced Towpreg: An Innovative Solution Adapted to the AFP Process
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Advanced Towpreg: Our Automated Fiber Placement Process (AFP)

Advanced Towpreg is a new product developed by Toray Carbon Fibers Europe.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s Advanced Towpreg stands out from conventional towpregs. Unlike the latter, our innovative product meets all the technical requirements of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) process for both aeronautical and industrial applications.

Moreover, our Advanced Towpreg offers a cost-effective alternative to slit tapes dedicated to the AFP process. The Advanced Towpreg eliminates the expensive cutting of preimpregnated carbon fiber rolls required for the production of split tapes.

Toray advanced Towpreg bannière

AFP Process: Technical Specifications of the Advanced Towpreg

Excellent Geometric Tolerance

It is easy to check the slit tape geometric tolerance when cutting the preimpregnated fiber roll. However, when using a towpreg, the geometry is conditioned by the carbon fiber used, which in turn conditions the towpreg’s thickness and weight. The width of our Advanced Towpreg is precisely calibrated to a 1/4 inch, in accordance with the specifications of the detachable AFP heads.

Excellent Dimensional Stability (weight per metre)

Our Advanced Towpreg benefits from the outstanding performance of Torayca® carbon fibers in terms of weight per metre stability. Combined with a precise resin level, it enables us to obtain an unparalleled towpreg dimensional stability.

In accordance with Torayca® Quality Policy, the Advanced Towpreg is free of splices.

Improved Pegosity

The Advanced Towpreg resins, specifically elaborated by Toray’s teams, have a low pegosity index.
This prevents AFP head jams and eliminates the need for packaging film without affecting the roll feed quality.

The Advanced Towpreg technology benefits from Toray Industries’ know-how in resin formulation. The manufacturing process of the Advanced Towpreg allows the use of hot melt resins needed for aeronautical applications.

For more information on our Advanced Towpreg, please contact our Technical team.


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