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Engineering: Carbon Fiber and Composite Material Solutions

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s carbon fibers and composite materials offer innovative solutions for your industrial projects. Carbon fiber composite materials provide superior performance compared to traditional materials for structural repairs and reinforcements, industrial tooling and equipment.


Engineering: The Benefits of Composite Materials

  • Lightweight;
  • Easy application;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Resistance to fatigue;
  • High tensile strength;
  • High tensile modulus;
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient ratio;
  • Durability.

Buildings and Historical Monuments: Carbon Fiber Rods and Laminates

Civil engineering structures (bridges, viaducts, etc.), buildings and historical monuments require maintenance, reinforcement and rehabilitation over time.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s rods and laminates are easy to use in construction and civil engineering projects due to the material’s lightweight, packaging, and rapid installation. These products meet the mechanical properties specifications required by the construction industry.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s pultruded composites have been used to construct or rehabilitate many civil engineering works. Our products are used today to:

  • Repair time-degraded steel, wood, stone and concrete structures;
  • Reinforce undersized structures; and
  • Rehabilitate structures located in earthquake zones.
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Carbon Fibers for Innovative Design

Carbon fiber can also be a source of inspiration for architects. It is a durable, lightweight and high-performance material offering numerous possibilities for innovative design.

Carbon Rod Applications: High-Voltage Cable Core

Faced with the rising demand for electricity, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe carbon rods are used by cable manufacturers to reinforce high-voltage power lines. Replacing the metal core with a carbon rod enables electricity companies to:

  • Increase electricity transmission capacity;
  • Increase the capacity of a power line (up to twice the capacity);
  • Improve cable rigidity;
  • Reduce energy loss; and
  • Optimise infrastructure costs (by reducing the number of pylons).

These pultruded composite products may be of interest to you:

Robotics, Rollers, Composite Tooling: Torayca® Carbon Fiber’s Industrial Applications

Today’s industrial processes require reliable, resistant and durable equipment.

Industrial rollers and robotic arms require optimal geometric stability. High-modulus pitch-based carbon fibers are generally selected for their low price. However, when it comes to rollers and robots that require high strength and good rigidity, only Torayca ®’s high modulus carbon fibers can meet these demanding specifications.

Composite mould manufacturers can also benefit from usings of carbon fiber. Lightweight and cost-effective compared to metal solutions, our carbon fiber pultruded composites are also easy to use, and offer better heat conduction and dimensional stability.


Our carbon fibers and composite materials are controlled products. Exporting these products outside the European Union requires an export license issued by your country’s relevant authorities. Your products manufactured using our carbon fibers and composites may also be subject to export control regulations.

For more information, consult the European regulations in force.