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Marine Applications: The Benefits of Torayca® Carbon Fibers

The use of Torayca® Carbon Fibers contributes to progress made in shipbuilding . Racing and recreational yachts, sailboats, catamarans, ferries, and other types of boats benefit from our products’ advantages, including weight reduction that is crucial to a ship’s stability, speed, and fuel efficiency.

Toray CFE industrie nautique bannière

Torayca® Carbon Fibers: Safety and Performance on Board

Vessels are exposed to harsh conditions at sea that put materials to the test. Compared to traditional materials (polyester/glass or metals), Torayca® Carbon Fibers offer:

  • Superior mechanical strength;
  • High resistance to mechanical fatigue;
  • Low density – Two times less than as a glass/polyester panel;
  • Better resistance to ageing and corrosion.

Carbon fiber allows ships to make gains in speed and stability. Resistance to ageing, impact, corrosion, and mechanical fatigue significantly improves a vessel’s safety and durability.

Our carbon fiber T700S is a benchmark for shipbuilding. Compatible with all three common types of resins (epoxy, vinylester and polyester), it is particularly used to produce hulls, masts, decks, structures and interior design elements.

Yacht & Ocean Racing: Speed, Reliability and Durability with Torayca® Technology

In Ocean Racing, every gramme counts. The lighter the boat, the faster one can sail. As in Formula 1, to beat the competition, you need the best technology. Our top-of-the-range Torayca® Carbon Fibers are indispensable for designers.

  • Our T800H and T800S intermediate modulus carbon fibers are THE reference for building racing sailboats.
  • Our high modulus carbon fibers, M40J and M46J, are designed for applications requiring both high modulus and high resistance, such as masts and foils.

Setting a speed record is not all that matters in ocean racing; the safety of the crew is also at stake. The reliability of Torayca® Carbon Fibers is also crucial to bringing the sailors back to port.

Toray CFE industrie nautique contenu

Torayca ® Carbon Fibers: Building Safer, Greener Ships and Boats

Torayca ® carbon fiber composite materials have been used in boatbuilding for many years. Their reliability and durability have a long-proven track record. Torayca® Carbon Fibers offer designers a wide range of possibilities when designing decks, hulls and interiors.

From an environmental viewpoint, weight reduction reduces a vessel’s energy consumption and, consequently, its CO2 emissions.

The use of composite materials also cuts the operating costs of a ship, as their high durability reduces the cost of maintenance. Energy consumption is also optimised due to the low density of carbon fiber composite materials.


Our carbon fibers and composite materials are controlled products. Exporting these products outside the European Union requires an export license issued by your country’s relevant authorities. Your products manufactured using our carbon fibers and composites may also be subject to export control regulations.

For more information, consult the European regulations in force.