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Energy Production: The Benefits of Using Torayca® Carbon Fibers

Torayca® carbon fibers and composite materials push the boundaries of traditional materials and contribute to the development of new forms of energy production. All industries in this sector (renewable energy, oil and gas) can benefit from using Torayca® Carbon Fibers.

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Carbon Fibers for Wind and Tidal Power: Harness the Power of Nature

Harnessing the power of nature using wind or tidal turbines has always been a goal for producing renewable energy. Our society, eager to reduce CO2 emissions and its dependence on fossil fuels, is actively supporting the development ofe alternative sources of energy production.

The increase in the size of wind turbines and their offshore location has led manufacturers to select more efficient materials for blades, nacelles and connecting parts between the rotor mast and blades. Torayca® Carbon Fibers meet these requirements perfectly in terms of:

  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Resistance to fatigue;
  • Optimisation of maintenance operations;
  • Mechanical Performance; and
  • Easy installation.

The inherent mechanical properties of carbon composite materials also offer solutions for designers of tidal turbines looking to capture the power of a river or the sea to generate electricity.

Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells: Changing the Future

A fuel cell (also known as a hydrogen cell) converts fuel (hydrogen) energy into electrical energy. Keen to develop greener forms of mobility, the development of the fuel cell was initiated by the transport sector. Since 2000, Toray has entered into partnerships with renowned car manufacturers to develop a new generation of electric vehicles running on hydrogen fuel cells. This technology is a sustainable source of energy because it emits virtually no CO2. It is one of Toray’s contributions to green innovation.

Torayca® Carbon Paper is a non-woven composite material made from carbon fiber and carbon (C/C) that has been heat-treated at very high temperature. Its high porosity makes it a particularly suitable material for the manufacture of fuel cell electrodes. Torayca® Carbon Paper acts as a membrane that diffuses the gases from the reaction to the catalyst. Carbon ensures good electrical conductivity allowing electrons to pass through.

Torayca® Carbon Fibers are also used in high-pressure tanks made from composite materials. They offer a solution for storing alternative energy sources such as hydrogen. Toray Carbon Fibers Europe provides assistance tos car and transport manufacturers developing hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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High-Voltage Electricity: Toray Carbon Fibers Europe's Composite Materials Solutions

Faced with rising demand for electricity, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s Carbon Rods are used by cable manufacturers to reinforce high-voltage power lines. Replacing the metal core with a carbon rod enables electricity companies to:

  • Increase the capacity of a power line (up to twice the capacity);
  • Improve cable rigidity;
  • Reduce energy loss; and
  • Optimise infrastructure costs (by reducing the number of pylons).

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe, with its recognised expertise, is able to meets the requirements and constraints of this industry:

  • Approved qualification process;
  • Product lifetime (40 years);
  • Product traceability; and
  • Fully-integrated supply chain.

Fossil Fuels: Torayca® Carbon Fibers for Deep Offshore Exploration

In deep oil or gas fields, the technical constraints are such that carbon fiber is the only solution for this hostile environment:

  • Proven resistance to chemicals and corrosion;
  • Lightness and mechanical resistance able to reach depths of more than 3000m;
  • Proven resistance to mechanical fatigue;
  • Optimisation of maintenance operations;
  • Easy to install (no need for modular docks or section assembly that are necessary when using galvanised steel brackets);
  • Increased safety and reliability;
  • Compatible with PEEK, PVDF and PA12; and
  • High-thermal resistance.

Nuclear Power: Superior Fatigue and Corrosion-Free Performance of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials

The introduction of carbon fiber composite materials has enabled significant progress in centrifuge technology.

Centrifuge rotors made with Torayca® High Modulus Carbon Fibers offer exceptional performance. Compared to metal centrifuge rotors, carbon composite rotors represent a technological breakthrough. Their design ensures structural integrity. They provide superior fatigue and corrosion-free performance, increasing the operational safety and reliability of rotating machinery. Carbon fiber composite rotors can further increase productivity with faster accelerations made possible.


Our carbon fibers and composite materials are controlled products. Exporting these products outside the European Union requires an export license issued by your country’s relevant authorities. Your products manufactured using our carbon fibers and composites may also be subject to export control regulations.

For more information, consult the European regulations in force.