Torayca® Carbon Paper: An Innovative Product for Manufacturing Fuel Cells
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Torayca® Carbon Paper for Fuel Cells

Torayca® Carbon Paper is a non-woven composite material made from carbon fiber and carbon (C/C) that has been heat-treated at very high temperature. Its high porosity makes it a particularly suitable material for the manufacture of fuel cell electrodes. Torayca® Carbon Paper acts as a diffusion membrane carrying the gases from the reaction to the catalyst. Carbon ensures good electrical conductivity allowing electrons to pass through.

Toray CFE carbon paper

Advantages of Torayca® Carbon Paper

  • High electrical conductivity;
  • High strength;
  • High gas permeability;
  • Resistance to corrosion

Torayca® Carbon Paper Properties

Torayca® Carbon Paper is a thin and durable material with excellent compressive properties. Its high porosity (approximately 78%) allows gases to circulate easily. This material has a smooth surface and offers excellent corrosion resistance. Torayca® Carbon Paper is used as the primary electrode element in polymer electrolyte membrane or phosphoric acid fuel cells.

Data sheet

Electrode base material for fuel cell physical properties table

Product No. Thickness
Electrical resistance
Thermal conductivity
W/(m . K)
Gas permeability
ml . mm/(cm² . hr . mmAq)
Porosity (%) Bulk density (g/cm3) Surface roughness (um) Linear expansion coefficient
(Planar direction) (25 – 100°C) (x10-6/°C)
Flexural strenght (MPa) Flexural modulus (GPa) Tensile Strenght (kgf/cm)
Thickness direction Planar direction Thickness direction
(room temperature)
Planar direction
(room temperature)
Planar direction
TGP-H-030 0,11 80 2500 80 0,4 8 -0,8 40 8
TGP-H-060 0,19 80 5,8 -1,7 21 23 1900 78 0,44 8 -0,8 40 10 5
TGP-H-090 0,28 80 5,6 -1,7 21 23 1700 78 0,44 8 -0,8 40 10 7
TGP-H-120 0,37 80 4,7 -1,7 21 23 1500 78 0,45 8 -0,8 40 10 8
  • The data shown are representative values and not guaranteed.
  • Contact us separately for the measuring method.
  • The standard size is 400-mm square.


Torayca® Carbon Paper is mainly used in the construction of fuel cells. Fuel cells are found in new greener forms of transport (cars, buses, and ferries), electronics and power generation plants.

The development of the fuel cell was initiated by the transport sector. Since 2000, Toray Industries has entered into partnership with renowned car manufacturers to develop a new generation of electric vehicles running on hydrogen fuel cells. This technology is a sustainable source of energy because it emits virtually no CO2. Toray’s Carbon Paper is one of Toray’s contributions to green innovation.

How Does a Fuel Cell Work?

The fuel cell (also known as a hydrogen cell) converts fuel (hydrogen) energy into electrical energy.

It works by harnessing the power generated from a simple chemical reaction:

Hydrogen + Oxygen -> Electricity + Water + Heat

toray carbon paper comment fonctionne pile a combustible

There are several types of fuel cells used by different applications.

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) are particularly suitable to power vehicles. The main advantages of PEMFC are:

  • Rapid startup at full power;
  • Low-temperature continuous operation;
  • High energy efficiency;
  • No harmful emission (CO2 and NOx).


Our carbon fibers and composite materials are controlled products. Exporting these products outside the European Union requires an export license issued by your country’s relevant authorities. Your products manufactured using our carbon fibers and composites may also be subject to export control regulations.

For more information, consult the European regulations in force.