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About Toray Industries

Toray Industries was founded in 1926 in Japan. At that time, its main business was the manufacture of synthetic textile fibers. The corporate group then quickly developed and expanded its activities in five areas:

  • Fibers and Textiles;
  • Plastic Films, Resins and Other Materials;
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Materials;
  • Environmental Engineering (water treatment membranes);
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications.
Toray CFE fibre cabone torayca

Today, Toray Industries is present in 26 countries around the world and counts over 48,000 employees.

Toray Industries: Corporate Profile


Akihiro Nikkaku

Number of Subsidiaries/Affiliates

Consolidated Net Sales (FY 2018)
EUR 19.8 billion


Toray Industries’ Philosophy

“Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products. “

Corporate Missions

For our customers

To add value to our customers through our high-quality products and superior customer service.

For our employees

To empower our employees to thrive in a motivating environment.

For our shareholders

To ensure our shareholders rigorous and reliable business management.

For society

To build meaningful relationships and develop mutual trust as a responsible corporate citizen.

Corporate Guiding Principles

Safety and Environment

Giving top priority to safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation; ensuring the safety and health of our employees, customers and local communities; and actively promoting environmental protection.

Ethics and Equity

Gaining society’s trust and meeting its expectations by adopting equity behaviour, maintaining flawless ethics, a high sense of responsibility, and transparency in the company’s management.

Customer-Oriented Culture

Generating added value to our customers with tailored solutions and achieving sustainable growth together.


Continuously innovating in all areas of the company with a focus on dynamic growth and development.

Strong Workplace Competency & Initiative

Strengthening workplace competency and initiative is our company’s very foundation by regularly encouraging learning, knowledge transfer, and personal commitment.

International Competitiveness

Improving our competitiveness through a cost control strategy and adopting international quality standards to ensure our global growth and positioning.

Global Alliance Strategy

Developing global partnerships through integrated intercompany relationships and external strategic alliances.

Putting People First

Providing a stimulating work environment for employees and build positive and dynamic relationships between staff and the organization.

Toray Industries in Europe

Toray Industries is present in 12 European countries with production facilities, commercial activities and R&D centres. Toray Industries’ subsidiaries in Europe employ nearly 4,000 people.

Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Activity

In the early 1970s, Toray became interested in carbon fiber and began producing high-performance Torayca® carbon fibers in Japan. In 1982, Toray decided to establish a new carbon fiber production facility in France to supply the growing European market. It was Toray’s first carbon fiber plant outside Japan. Since then, global demand for carbon fiber and composite materials has grown steadily. Wishing to evolve alongside its customers, Toray Industries has set up additional production facilities in the United States and South Korea.

In Europe, the first carbon fiber was produced in 1985 by Toray Carbon Fibers Europe. More recently, Toray’s strategy is to provide its customers with a complete solution that integrates the entire value chain: raw material (PAN), carbon fibers, fabrics, prepregs and composite materials.