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Medical and Sports & Leisure: The Performance of Carbon Fibers and Composite Materials

At Toray Industries, we have always believed that ‘Materials Change our Lives’. True to this fundamental corporate principle, our products, such as carbon fiber and composite materials, improve the quality of our everyday life. Used in Sports & Leisure goods or medical equipment, Torayca® Carbon Fibers are found in many objects around us.

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Sport & Leisure al Goods: Boost your Performance with Torayca® Carbon Fibers

In search of ever-increasing performance, both elite-level athletes and regular sports amateurs have understood the value of using lighter, stiffer, more durable composite materials that can withstand shocks. Torayca® Carbon Fibers are found in:

  • Bicycle frames and wheels;
  • Fishing rods;
  • Water sports: oars and paddles, canoes and kayaks, surf boards, foils;
  • Skis and ski poles;
  • Hockey sticks;
  • Golf clubs;
  • Tennis rackets;
  • Helmets.

The Torayca ® Carbon Fibers range is the ideal choice regardless of your final application. The potential of composite materials is infinite; besides enhanced performance , carbon composites provide designers with the freedom to innovate, while the specific finish of carbon gives your products a premium look.

Torayca® High Performance Composite Materials in Medical Applications

On top of the proven lightweight and durable performance of carbon fiber, composite materials also offer outstanding X-ray transparency as well as excellent vibration and shock absorption. These inherent properties enable medical manufacturers to develop new equipment that is increasingly reliable, efficient and comfortable. Carbon composites are used in many medical devices such as:

  • X-ray equipment and cassettes;
  • MRI/PET Scanners
  • Prosthetics and orthosis;
  • Wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Contributing to a more inclusive society by offering innovative products and technologies is Toray Industries’ fundamental philosophy.

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Our carbon fibers and composite materials are controlled products. Exporting these products outside the European Union requires an export license issued by your country’s relevant authorities. Your products manufactured using our carbon fibers and composites may also be subject to export control regulations.

For more information, consult the European regulations in force.