Toray Carbon Fibers Europe: A Recognised and Unmatched Excellence
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Carbon fiber and composite materials: our commitment to quality

Torayca® carbon fibers and composite materials are state-of-the-art products used in areas requiring excellence, such as aerospace and competitive sports. The high-level requirements of these sectors lead us to go further in our commitment to quality.

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Toray Carbon Fibers Europe: Listening to Our Customers

At Toray Industries, we place the customer at the centre of our priorities. To provide added value to our customers through quality products and services is part of Toray Industries’ corporate philosophy.

We build relationships of trust based on careful listening, regular communication, mutual understanding and proactive actions. Toray Carbon Fibers Europe actively listens to its customers by incorporating into its overall quality:

  • The definition, understanding and integration of each customer’s needs;
  • A guarantee of excellence to satisfy each customer;
  • Continuous improvement of our methods and processes;
  • The expertise and commitment of our staff.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe: A Proven Quality System

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe obtained its first quality certification for the supply of Torayca® carbon fiber for the aerospace industry in 1987.

Our worldwide customers recognise the excellence of our quality management system for aeronautic (Boeing, Airbus, Safran), automotive and industrial applications. Toray Carbon Fibers Europe is proud to be certified ISO 9001, Nadcap and as/EN/JIS Q 9100.

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Toray Carbon Fibers Europe's Commitment

In choosing Toray Carbon Fibers Europe, you will benefit from:

  • Technical expertise from the world leader in carbon fiber;
  • Recognised know-how;
  • Rigorous controls at every production phase;
  • Full traceability;
  • Reliable supply; and
  • The expertise of our staff and their active involvement in our quality management system.