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Torayca® Carbon Fiber: Our Technical Support and Expertise

Our Technical team is ready to assist you in:

Toray CFE accompagnement

Selection of the Most Suitable Torayca® Carbon Fiber for Your Needs

The Torayca® carbon fiber range is the broadest and most complete on the market. Choosing the right fiber for your project is not always obvious. Our engineers are at your disposal to advise you on the performance of our Torayca® carbon fibers.

Toray CFE accompagnement

The Implementation of our Torayca® Carbon Fibers in your Processes

Despite its exceptional properties, carbon fiber is a fragile material in its handling and use. Our engineers can visit your workshops to provide you with their expertise and recommendations.

The Characterisation of your Composite Materials

The characterisation of composite materials requires specific tools and skills that can be expensive. Our Technical Centre is at your disposal to:

  • Examine the material integrity of your composites (porosity; resin ratio; carbon fiber size distribution);
  • Control the of your part;
  • Assess the effects of thermal and humidity ageing on your material;
  • Estimate the tensile strength of your composite materials.

Our Technical team is all ears to continue improving the quality of Torayca® products and steering our R&D efforts to meet your specific needs. The continuous dialogue with our customers enables us to develop the next-generation of our Torayca® carbon fibers and sizing agents.

Let us work together to develop the technologies of tomorrow that will improve our day-to-day activities: Materials change our lives.