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Our teams have selected answers to some frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Carbon Fibers

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber consists of extremely fine filaments, between 5 and 7 microns in diameter. More than 90% of these carbon filaments are composed of carbon atoms, the rest being mainly nitrogen atoms. Carbon atoms form graphitic planes organised in crystals. Its exceptional mechanical properties and its lightweight design make it perfectly suited for aeronautical, automotive, industrial and sports applications.

What is carbon fiber sizing?

Surface and sizing treatments are the final steps in the carbon fiber manufacturing process. These final steps are crucial to achieving the desired fiber-matrix adhesion level and facilitate the subsequent processing of the fiber. The Torayca® brand includes two types of surface treatments (standard and premium) that are compatible with a variety of sizing agents perfectly adapted to the resins used by the market.

How do I select the right carbon fiber for my application?

The wide range of Torayca® carbon fibers, with various mechanical and sizing characteristics, has been developed to offer a solution in line with each of your projects.
Torayca® carbon fibers are divided into two distinct categories:

  • T-Series, thus referred to as “Tensile strength”, is characterised by high tensile strength and a standard to intermediate modulus.
  • M-Series, thus referred to as “Modulus”, is characterised by a high modulus.

Our Sales and Technical teams are on hand to advise you on your choice of carbon fiber. You can also use our Carbon Fiber Selector.

What is the difference between aerospace and industrial carbon fibers?

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe applies the same high quality standards in manufacturing its carbon fibers, whether they have an aeronautical or industrial application. In every case, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe will endeavour to meet its customers’ specifications, in terms of a product’s technical properties and its traceability.

Composite Materials

What are composite materials?

A composite material requires a combination of at least two components:

  • The reinforcement (for example, carbon fiber), which ensures the bulk of the mechanical properties;
  • The matrix (for example, a resin), which acts as a binder, protects the reinforcement and transmits efforts from one fiber to another.

Discover Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s composite materials.

What are Toray Carbon Fibers Europe's composite material solutions?

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe offers a range of pultruded profiles (rods and laminates) used for structural repairing and reinforcing civil engineering works, wire-braced structures, high voltage electric cable supports, etc.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe also supplies the European market with Torayca® Carbon Paper suitable for fuel cells manufactured electrode materials, particularly for the automotive sector.

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s Advanced Towpreg stands out from conventional towpregs. Unlike the latter, this innovative Toray CFE’s product meets all the technical requirements of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) process for both aeronautical and industrial applications.

To Place an Order

Where is the Nearest Toray Carbon Fibers Europe Distributor?

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe depends on a network of distributors that serve our customers in Europe and some other non-European countries. To find your nearest contact, consult our map

How do I place my order?

Listening to our customers’ needs is at the heart of Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s business strategy. Our Sales team is flexible and customer-oriented; we will guide you through the whole process, from the design phase to the certification of your product. Our Sales and Technical Services are committed to providing a customised solution for each project’s unique specifications.

What are the conditions of sale?

You can download our General Conditions of Sale from the “e-documents” section of our website.

Product Safety & Quality

How do I get the Material Safety Data Sheets for your products?

Our Sales department can provide you with this type of document prepared with the support of our Health, Safety and Environment Department.

How do I get a copy of the Quality Certificates?

You can download our Quality Certificates from the “e-documents” section of our website.