The Widest Range of Carbon Fibers in Europe
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Our Expertise

Our expertise in the carbon fiber and composite market is confirmed by:

  1. Our global leadership position;
  2. The most comprehensive range of carbon fibers;
  3. Our reliable supply chain;
  4. Our high-tech products;
  5. Our certified quality;
  6. Our commercial and technical support team.
Toray CFE fibres de carbone bannière

The World's Number One Producer of Carbon Fiber

Toray has been interested in carbon fiber since the early 1970s. Toray was the first company in the world to produce carbon fiber on an industrial scale. Convinced of the potential of this innovative material, it has continuously invested in R&D. This decision is part of a corporate strategy that believes that carbon fiber offers a solution to the challenges faced by our society. Toray is the world’s No. 1 carbon fiber company.

Torayca® Carbon Fibers

Today, Toray offers its customers the widest range of carbon fibers on the market, marketed under the premium brand Torayca®. Our customers find for each application the Torayca® carbon fiber solution that meets their requirements:

  • Carbon Fibers High Resistance;
  • Carbon Fibers Intermediate Modulus;
  • Carbon Fibers High Modulus.

Torayca® carbon fibers and composite materials are used in various applications: from Formula 1 to satellites, from golf clubs to hydrogen tanks, from the latest aeroplanes to ultra-light laptops.

From Production to Customer Service

With four production sites (Japan, the USA, South Korea and France), Toray covers most of the world’s needs for carbon fibers and composite materials. Toray Carbon Fibers Europe offers its European customers an extensive range of carbon fibers and composite materials produced locally in France. This production is guaranteed by Toray’s global presence, ensuring a reliable supply chain.

Our R&D Commitment

R&D is part of our DNA. Toray is always striving to push back the limits of its materials to serve its customers better. Whether used in large-scale or limited-series applications, Toray focuses on providing a suitable solution (link to Solutions page).

Today, the T1100G is the most efficient carbon fiber on the market. It combines tensile strength and a superior modulus, ideal for use in aerospace applications or in high-end sports equipment.

Our Commitment to Quality

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s quality assurance expertise is recognised by our customers and by independent certifying bodies. We are ISO9001 and EN9100 certified.

We Listen to our Customers

Listening to our customers’ needs is at the heart of Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s business strategy. Our Composite team is flexible and customer focused; they will guide you through the whole process, from the design phase to the certification of your product. Our Sales and Technical services are committed to providing a customised solution for each project’s specific requirements.