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Toray Carbon Fibers Europe: A Wide Variety of Careers

Located in southwest France, Toray Carbon Fibers Europe is part of the Chemical Industry. However, our company offers a number of positions that do not necessarily require the skills of a chemist.

Working at Toray Carbon Fibers Europe: A Wide Range of Job Opportunities

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe employs a wide range of professions: from production to maintenance, quality assurance to sales, finance to logistics, etc.

Our Employees’ Stories and Experience

Our people are in the best position to tell you about their job. Find their story below.

Production: Operator

Toray Carbon Fibers Europe’s production lines operate continuously on a 24/7 basis. The work is organised into autonomous teams that are responsible for manufacturing the product. Production teams can work in shift patterns.

Production Operators are involved in all stages of the manufacturing process. They follow procedures and participates in improving the tools and equipment used in production. They monitor the smooth running of the production phases, intervene in the event of a malfunction, and participate in the start-up, shutdown and cleaning of the production lines.

Process: Engineer

The Process Department guarantees that the parameters of the manufacturing process are correctly followed. Process Engineers work closely with the Production Department maintain and improve the production process. They participate in the development of new products and the installation of new equipment.

Logistics: Operator

The Company’s efficiency also relies on the performance of the Logistics Department, which intervenes at the beginning and end of the supply chain, receives raw materials and ensures on-time delivery to our customers.

Logistics Operators are responsible for deliveries, stocks and the supplying of raw material to the production lines. They visually check, package and stock the finished goods. They also prepare pallets for shipment to our customer.

Laboratory: Lab Technicians

Our laboratories check the conformity of raw materials and, measure the mechanical properties of our products to ensure they comply.

Lab Techs performs tests on our products. They calibrate laboratory instruments and the temperatures sensors of our production lines. They write reports and submit the results to managers and production supervisors.

Maintenance: Industrial Maintenance Technician

Maintenance includes all verification, monitoring and troubleshooting operations of industrial equipment.

Industrial Maintenance Technicians diagnose faults, carry out maintenance and troubleshooting in line with the requirements of different departments. They implement the preventive and predictive maintenance plan. They issue calls for tender and select subcontractors. Each technician specialises in a particular domain: mechanical, electrical or, instrumentation.